• Let's consider how you can make and apply liquid wallpaper on the wall yourself.

  • The usual design of the ceiling is pasting with non-woven wallpaper for painting. It is important to glue them very firmly, because on the wall you can not notice the slightly departed corner of the wallpaper. And on the ceiling, any peeling, even in the center of the wallpaper, will be striking.

  • How to glue wallpaper on the wall with the least effort, a minimum of cash costs and without rework due to marriage? Vinyl wallpapers are popular - they have some guarantee of strength and durability, they are better cleaned and with a rich palette... How to stick them better is a simple step-by-step instruction that starts with the removal of old wallpaper.

  • A typical mistake of wallpaper gluers is to attach the canvas to the corner of the walls and start gluing from it.