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How to build or repair

Construction and repair work on the house is often carried out by masters independently, without the involvement of professionals and even assistants. There is also a lack of technical documentation. But experience in such work and recommendations helps to make decisions and build correctly.

house plans

For example, to properly equip the foundation - to make the foundation of a house that should stand for centuries.

How to build a foundation, what to look for, read the advice from the builders on the site.

Foundation construction

The construction of walls is an important process in building a house. The skill of work will help to raise the box, but you still need an appropriate design solution, based on materials, construction technology, insulation.

How to build walls

Then follows the turn of the roof, how to make a roof - a few useful tips, including the construction of a rafter system for a private house, the creation of an insulating circuit and a reliable coating.

Creating a house roof

Arrangement of floors in the house is an important stage of construction. Flooring should be beautiful, but more important ... It is important to make a reliable base and also warm and preferably heated for the first floor. How to repair a wooden floor and make a screed.

Supply of construction materials

Window systems are very important. They say that the building is being built around windows, as the main object of design and a problem place for heat saving. What windows to choose and how they are installed - detailed information about glasses, window systems, accessories, etc.

Window systems in the house - beautiful windows

Modern doors will help to make a house or apartment cozy. The main reliability in the protection against penetration and insulation of the structure. How to choose and install them.

Heating is the most expensive and complex engineering system at home. Proven technologies will help to make good heating in the house.

House heating scheme

Sewer systems and plumbing are usually made with their own hands, because it would seem that nothing complicated. But it’s better to study the experience of creation.

Power supply at home is carried out according to the rules of operation of electrical installations of consumers. How to make and repair the electrical network and protection in the apartment, as well as in the house, why the outlet does not work.

Modern wiring

Warming and ventilation of houses are extremely important for energy saving and saving and creating comfort. The difference in heating costs, and this is hundreds of cu, can reach 2 or more times

house insulation

How to plaster - the main way to finish built walling is still plaster. It may be dry, but it is still the main finishing process that determines the interior.

New plaster

Laying tiles on the walls and floor usually creates more questions than there really are difficulties. Read the materials on the site, how to lay tiles without difficulty.

Photos of the interiors of houses and apartments will help to make repairs according to the example.

beautiful floors

Building materials must be used in good quality and for their intended purpose. Owners are advised to take over the purchase of building materials so as not to pay a double price. What to choose.

Household appliances and tools for construction will help to build and equip a private house, without them the implementation of work and the organization of life will not work.

Building tools

How to make furniture and home crafts with your own hands - recommendations for arranging a personal plot and home interior

A different video about construction and repair will help to understand issues.

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